[Webinar] How to Select the Right Customer Data Platform

This year is seeing rapid change come to the Customer Data Platform marketplace as big players arrive and established independent vendors increasingly focus on specific niches.  As an enterprise buyer, you have 30+ plausible CDP choices. Which one offers the best fit for your situation?

Join RSG founder Tony Byrne for a fast-paced webinar surveying the marketplace and offering a practical roadmap for selecting the right CDP.

[Webinar] How to Select the Right Customer Data Platform

To get the most out of this live briefing, I'll invite you to:

1. Register here

2. Between now and March 25, send any CDP question you'd like Tony to address, to me at [email protected]

3. Ask questions during the session itself

See you then!

Don't fly solo. Invite some colleagues to join you on the webinar. 
Send them this link: http://www.realstorygroup.com/About/Webinars 

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