Webinar: Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Predictions for 2017 - January 4th

Most analysts' predictions deliver hype and dreams. We know that you don't have time for that. You want the real story. What will 2017 truly hold for digital workplace and marketing technology leaders? What will go well? What will fail? How can you prepare for it now?

Join us for a fast-paced webinar to prepare you for the next year.

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Real Future Gazing

I'll outline twelve key predictions for 2017, touching on topics ranging from AI, bots, EmTech, cloud, and new technology architectures and models. No hype: just real advice that you can use to prepare yourself — and your team — for the New Year.

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Our customers say...

"Finally, a review of MarTech suites that takes a critical look at these tools. I found it essential to understanding the promise of these solutions -- as well as some important tool and vendor weaknesses."

Alexander Deligtisch, Founder, Spliteye Multimedia

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