WebDAM: Should it be on your shortlist?

As we monitor the ever-evolving DAM marketplace, we have an equally ever-evolving list of vendors under consideration for addition to our Brand & Digital Asset Management research. In our latest update, along with Equilibrium Media Rich for SharePoint, another US West Coast vendor, WebDAM, became a new entrant.

WebDAM boasts it's a “leader in DAM in the cloud,” with its a multi-tenant hosted/cloud offering. The vendor, similar to many SaaS companies, is quick to release new functionality (whether you want it or not). The company is also comparatively young; their customers report that WebDAM can be both nimble and agile, but also chaotic to work with.

While WebDAM has some basic video management capabilities, it shouldn’t be on your shortlist if you’re looking to do even slightly complicated things with video and audio assets - features like multi-codec transcoding and storyboarding are lacking, and format support is limited. WebDAM could however be a good fit for some simpler scenarios – especially if you have limited in-house IT support and would prefer to host your DAM elsewhere.

You can download the full evaluation here, or contact us to schedule an advisory call to discuss your specific needs, and the appropriateness of WebDAM vs. the 25+ other DAM vendors we evaluate.


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