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The Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace is reasonably mature. However, compared to other mature enterprise software marketplaces, WCM has a far greater number of vendors. These range from sophisticated platform vendors to simple self-publishing tools -- but no single vendor dominates the segment. There is no 800-pound gorilla WCM vendor. 

Customers are sometimes curious about the marketshare of the WCM vendors they are considering, perhaps because it can serve as at least one signal in understanding the potential ecosystem around a product/platform. But given the WCM vendor diversity, reliable estimates of WCM marketshare are hard to find. 

To throw some light on this, we derived relative usage data from our survey of RSG subscribers and other (mostly large) enterprises. Note this data does not represent formal marketshare figures. However, it is useful to highlight key trends about the marketplace, particularly when you look at it in conjunction with the customer satisfaction scores that emerge from the same survey. 

You'll notice from the below map that "large name" enterprise software vendors do not necessarily capture a large share of the WCM market as well - something that you want to keep in mind in your WCM procurement projects. 

Industry Map showing the relative marketshare share of leading WCM vendors

Figure 1:  WCM Customer Share based on RSG's 2015 Survey. Open image in a new tab / window for a larger version.  

An overlay of this customer share data with customer satisfaction ratings for these WCM products reveals an interesting insight: high market presence does not automatically translate into a high customer satisfaction rating - again something to keep in mind when evaluating vendors. 

Find this customer satisfaction heat map (different from the above diagram) -- as well as how you can use these insights in your technology selection -- in the advisory paper, Web Content &  Experience Management Industry Maps, available exclusively to our subscribers.

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