WCXM Pitfall 2: Not getting a clear mandate from the top

Twelve Common Pitfalls to Avoid (and Best Practices to Follow) When Embarking on a Web Content and Experience Management Project

Pitfall 2: Not getting a clear mandate from the top

Best Practice:

Obtain strategic direction, a suitable budget, and a mandate for necessary changes.

Like anything in business that yields a strategic payoff, implementing a new Web CMS is hard, and potentially expensive. It can bring change to many parts of an organization, and however felicitous the improvements, change unnerves most people most of the time.

Leadership is needed to see a CMS project through. When difficult choices present themselves, being able to refer to the business rationale will lead to faster and more effective decision making. This may require carrots as well as sticks, and you will almost surely need your management to provide both.

Pitfall 1: Selecting a Web CMS package before developing solid requirements and a business case. Read the details of Pitfall 1 here.

Pitfalls 3-12: Coming soon...

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