Updates to CDP, Personalization and JOE Vendor Research

This week, we release several updates to RSG’s Customer Data Platform, Personalization and Journey Orchestration Engines vendor evaluations.  The JOE marketplace is seeing a lot of upheaval with several vendors getting acquired after plateauing in the marketplace. In the future we will be focusing more on Personalization platform technology.

The CDP marketplace, on the other hand, remains vibrant, and is evolving rapidly to keep pace with emerging architectures and techniques.

Vendors Updated

We have updated the following vendors and their offerings:

  • Dynamic Yield: Updated for Mastercard acquisition. There are a large number of Personalization vendors, ranging from 2 employees to thousands of employees. For those interested in what’s happening in this marketplace, we did this webinar recently.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: Microsoft added new consent management capabilities and made other improvements to their CDP offering
  • Adobe Adobe Campaign: Updated to reflect Journey Optimizer, their newer JOE offering. 
  • Salesforce Journey Builder - Interaction Studio: Salesforce no longer uses Thunderhead as the underlying JOE platform
  • CSG Journey Orchestration (Formerly, Kitewheel): Updated to reflect CSG Acquisition. 
  • Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub: With Salesforce moving to their own platform, Thunderhead itself was acquired by Medallia
  • Qualtrics Experience iD (Formerly, Usermind): Usermind was acquired by Qualtrics, an SAP company

Broader Shift

There's a broader shift here that I'll discuss more in a subsequent post, but the JOE marketplace has largely contracted -- almost disappeared -- while the Personalization marketplace becomes incrementally more interesting each quarter.  At RSG, we'll be aligning our research accordingly.

Personalization Logo Landscape

Figure: Personalization Marketplace

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