Updated WCXM Evaluations of Adobe, CoreMedia, CrownPeak, e-Spirit, eZ Systems, Limelight Networks, and OmniUpdate

As we release version 21.4 of our Web Content and Experience Management (WCXM) evaluation research, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the latest developments across seven vendors we included in this update:

  • Adobe: CQ 5.5 shows further steps in integrating with a multitude of other Adobe products, yet much here remains a work in progress.
  • CoreMedia: As a CMS often sold to the likes of media publishers and broadcasters, CoreMedia has been focusing on addressing one of the challenges of the media industry – reduction of content delivery overhead via introduction of a CDN architecture.
  • CrownPeak: A new UI graces the CMS after a decade of only minor facelifts, and it should make a difference especially for new users, who can just concentrate on figuring out what is where in the application.
  • e-Spirit: Status quo can be a good thing. With almost stereotypical conservatism, the company hasn’t introduced many changes, but does follow a useful best-of-breed approach in terms of packaged integrations with its neighboring vendors, such as SAP, Hybris, and ATG.
  • eZ Systems: Big changes at the C-level have been followed by considerable changes at the technology level. Now labeled eZ Publish 5 Platform, the CMS has new underpinnings from Symfony and Twig to APIs.
  • Limelight Networks: Another fairly status quo situation, but with an outlook for cloudy skies. Since its acquisition, the development pace of the former Clickability has slowed down. There are still a few releases happening yearly, but none of them suggest major product innovation.
  • OmniUpdate: As ever, churning out plethora of small updates, one release after another, all in pursuit of its main passion – higher education websites.

As always, for full details on each aforementioned vendor head over here and download the full chapter on any Web CMS that interests you.

Our subscribers also get a chance to schedule advisory sessions to get more insights and details on any WCXM vendor and product, as they apply to any particular situation.

For those of you not familiar with our evaluations, go ahead and download a complimentary excerpt here.

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