Update to Portals Research

We've just released an update to our Portals evaluation research.

Along with updates to the individual portal vendor evaluations, we have expanded the scope of our research to include a new category of related solutions that enable you to integrate and aggregate content from multiple sources. While these are not as feature rich as Portal products, they do enable you to create "Portal-like" applications for certain use cases that require mashing up content from other data sources. Such lightweight content integration services often work with other simpler presentation technologies such as gadgets to create such applications.

The new name of our research stream, "Portals and Content Integration" reflects this.

In this release, we add evaluations of four new solutions: WSO2 Mashup Server, IBM Mashup Center, Kapow Web Data Server and JackBe Presto.

As always, our subscribers receive immediate access to the updates.  Curious? You can also download a free sample here.

Our customers say...

"Every organisation considering portal technology should obtain a copy of the Enterprise Portals Research, to gain access to best-practice approaches and concepts, built up from real-world experience."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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