Update to Portals and Content Integration Research

The second half of this year has seen a lot of activity in the Portals & Content Integration marketplace and several vendors have released updates and in some cases completely new offerings of their products. Last week, we published an update to our Portals evaluation research reflecting some of these upgrades.

This edition features update to JackBe's Presto 3.0 as well as fresh reviews of JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.0 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

We have also included a new vendor, Backbase, in this edition. Backbase was founded in 2003 as a company offering AJAX-based rich Internet application (RIA) development. Building on these capabilities, its key offering has graduated to a more full-fledged portal that encourages client side development and simple integration mechanisms using Web Oriented Architecture principles and Gadgets. 

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