Update to Portal Vendor Evaluations

We have released an update to our Portals and Content Integration Report.

In this release, we've updated the following evaluations:

All these vendors have released major new versions. In fact, although the Portal Marketplace is smaller compared to some of the others, it still remains an active one. Most vendors that we cover have released or are planning to release updates in near future. We will  be updating our research with these reviews in next few weeks.

Next in line are also an updated Market Analysis with a new Cross Check (for our Portals research subscribers), as well as new "harvey balls" based charts to make it easier for you to get the Real Story.



Our customers say...

"Every organisation considering portal technology should obtain a copy of the Enterprise Portals Research, to gain access to best-practice approaches and concepts, built up from real-world experience."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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