Ten 2014 Technology Predictions

It's that time of year for our team of Real Story Group analysts to reveal our 2014 predictions, where we try to predict what the future holds in the technology world.

Predicting the future is always tricky. We all want to gaze forward, but none of us is consistently prescient. In the list below, we identify ten trends that we think will happen this year. As such, they tend to be less “futuristic,” but ideally more practical.

As always, there’s a fine line between prediction and aspiration; in some cases below, we cite some trends that we might wish will happen.

This is our eighth year in a row doing this humbling exercise. If you'd like to see how we've done previously, you can view past predictions here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.

Here's our 2014 technology predictions:

1. Ascent of the "Sanctioned Second-Fiddle" CMS

2. Delayed SharePoint 2013 Adoption

3. Microsoft Backtracks on SharePoint in the Cloud

4. Enterprises Start to Own Mobile Experiences

5. Cross-Platform Mobile Compatibility Gets Worse

6. Standalone Enterprise Portals Marketplace Becomes a Two-Horse Race

7. "ECM" Will Finally Die

8. WCXM Suite Backlash

9. PaaS CMS Displaces SaaS CMS

10. DAM and MAM Vendors Add Social and Marketing Features

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