Software Maintenance Fees: "Like Death and Taxes"

Software maintenance fees can really add up. But since maintenance revenue represents a recurring (and therefore highly-prized) income stream, vendors are often loathe to negotiate there. But that shouldn't stop you from asking. In this market, you should at least be able to get to a higher tier of maintenance for a lower published rate. But as an excellent CIO Magazine article (by way of Analysis Zone) points out, you need to be careful about clarifying just what you're buying. CMS vendors in particular have sometimes been less than scrupulous, e.g. labelling upgrades as "new software modules" uncovered by traditional maintenance agreements...
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"The analysis of the current technology vendors and products is very comprehensive and it provides an excellent guide for potential purchasers to frame their functional, architectural and usability benchmarks."

Len Asprey, Director, Practical Information Management Solutions, and, Author, <i>Integrative Document and Content Management</i>

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