So what is your ECM story?

It's been a year now since we launched our ECM Maturity Model under Creative Commons, and it seems to have proven comprehensive as well as extensible for different groups adapting it for their specific environments.

In other words, it's been useful -- if something of a hidden gem.

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Here at the Real Story Group we have also used it with our customers. As an example, see the picture above that shows how we applied it to help track the progress of a client over the course of a year.

We found that this type of visualization is a great way to quickly spot which areas need maximum attention and  you can then easily prioritize your efforts.

Do you have any experiences with the model to share? We'd love to know your story and/or any feedback. Some anecdotal feedback we have received has been quite amazing, with some of the world's largest public organizations making use of it. And that is the whole point of us releasing it under community commons:  You can adapt it and adopt it, you can do what you will.

As my colleague, Jarrod mentioned in his post, we are working presently to update the model, incorporating community feedback. Truth be told we are rather overdue here, but it a voluntary effort and we have had other fish to fry, such as launching the Real Story Group!

Going forward, we also plan to add some tool-kits to the model. The tool-kits will include questionnaires and templates that provide you with a starting point to translate the model theory into practice. But we welcome your participation to make this a truly community driven initiative. So, watch this space -- and let us know your experiences with the ECM3 Maturity Model.

Our customers say...

"The analysis of the current technology vendors and products is very comprehensive and it provides an excellent guide for potential purchasers to frame their functional, architectural and usability benchmarks."

Len Asprey, Director, Practical Information Management Solutions, and, Author, <i>Integrative Document and Content Management</i>

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