Sneak Peek into Web Content Management Customer Survey

RSG is currently conducting a customer survey on Web Content & Experience Management Technology usage. You can still participate, but only if you complete it this week (closes March 1st).

More than 250 of your peers have already taken the survey and here is a sneak peek of findings based on the initial set of responses. 

WCM is a multi-disciplinary endeavor

The job roles of the respondents are quite diverse - executives to individual contributors and subject matter experts and helps provide a holistic perspective. It also attests to the fact that WCM is a multi-disciplinary endeavor at the intersections of marketing, IT, Communications, and Design. 

RSG WCM Survey Interim_Results Job Roles

Figure 1: Job Roles of Respondents. (Click image to enlarge)

Developer Availability and Systems Integration are the top technical challenges

More than 40% of the organizations consider the availability and affordability of developers and integrating WCM with other systems as prohibitive or difficult problems.

RSG WCM Survey Interim Results Technical Challenges

Figure 2: WCM Technical Challenges. (Click image to enlarge)

Insufficient resources and lack of content strategy are top non-technical challenges

Note that while only two technical challenges rated 40% or more, five non-technical challenges receive ~40% or greater scores. Insufficient development resources and staffing are linked to the availability of developers mentioned. Lack of a defined strategy in general and lack of a content strategy in particular are also challenging.

RSG WCM Survey Interim Results Non-Technical Challenges

Figure 3: WCM Non-Technical Challenges. (Click image to enlarge)

How to get the final results yourself

This is just a small sliver of the findings you can expect from the study, and doubtless the data will change when all the entries get tallied. We're really looking forward to digging into the details so you can benchmark your implementation against your peers.

If you have not yet completed the survey, you can still participate (this week only!) and receive a summary of the final findings. Here is the link to the survey.

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