Sneak Peek of MAM vendor updates - Avid, Dalet, Netia, Harris and Vizrt

RSG has just released a major update to our Digital and Media Asset Management research, which now contains in-depth evaluations of major brand, image and media management software products.

The line-up of evaluations includes seven key broadcast and media industry focused MAM vendors – namely Avid, Cinegy, Dalet, Globecast Netia, Harris Broadcast, TMD and Vizrt.

In the report, we include these vendors in a category called “Broadcast Media Management”. Many of these vendors are going through organizational changes and of course, the products themselves are also seeing many changes. The report has all the details but here’s a sneak peek of key happenings.

Avid Interplay MAM is known to be a complex platform and more often than not, involves a long implementation cycle. In an effort to reduce complexity, Avid is offering a pre-packaged MAM edition. Otherwise product updates have been rather slow in coming.

Dalet’s simplification efforts have been in the areas of user experience, updating Galaxy MAM's user interface and improving the customer support model.

Globecast Netia is making many incremental product updates, including mobile friendly  HTML 5 user interfaces for the MAM product.

Harris Broadcast, under new private equity owners, has seen large scale organizational revamps in 2013. The Invenio product family is now re-branded as Nexio. Like Avid, product updates have been slow.

Vizrt has had to change the name of Viz Media Engine to Viz One due to legal challenges to the brand name. The acquired web CMS Escenic has been sold off.

That’s just a high-level snapshot. Subscribe to our Digital and Media Asset Management research and get the compete picture.

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