Should you kill your enterprise social network?

Recent months have seen numerous public discussions about how to get more value out of your Enterprise Social Network (ESN).  Many of enterprises have licensed systems like Yammer and Chatter, but are wondering how to get true value from them.  Yet, one key question has gone unanswered: if we're candid about ends and means, do we really need an ESN at all?

In last month's debate with ESN expert Dion Hinchcliffe we decided to give that question a whirl.

Dion makes a strong case for keeping your ESN and working on better business sponsorship and adoption. I counter that improving an enterprise-wide activity stream is barking up the wrong tree at a time when you should be developing more valuable social-collaborative applications, like communities, innovation, and dedicated Q&A spaces. 

If you want to see all ten social-collaboration topics we debated, you can access the full video on-demand.


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