Should You Have One Collaboration App to Rule them All?

In a recent recorded debate, I had to pull out my boxing gloves for a match with a noted enterprise social guru Dion Hinchcliffe.  Why the gloves?  Because one of the issues we tackled was very near-and-dear: do you need one collaboration platform to rule them all?

I said emphatically "no."  Dion was a great sport and supported the "yes" side, even though his own analysis of this is much more nuanced.

Real Story Group was founded on the premise that you have many choices in any technology marketplaces, and the choices you make will affect your ultimate success.  In the realm of social-collaboration, we are seeing greater fragmentation in terms of vendor choices, and while this does create architectural complexity, it can lead to real business value.

For a more comprehensive look at "business fit" among the key vendors in this space, consult RSG's hard-hitting evaluation reports.  (You can also sample them first.)


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