SharePoint Survivor Stories

I have already circled back to you about the dimming of SharePoint's dominance as the de facto platform for workplace collaboration. Now, I  am back with some survivor stories culled from the same survey. Think of this as the yang to the yin of the aggregates and averages of data analysis that you saw previously. This is more animated and agitated because it is straight from the (cusomter) gut. 

Text inside the graphics is customers responding in their own words about their SharePoint experiences. Open images in a new tab for a larger version.

No, this is not lipstick on the pig. This is SharePoint at it’s most lip smacking. This customer nails it.

Is SharePoint a lion or a lemon? As a livid (but lucid) customer puts it..

This monster may not be monolithic. But it has a very big appetite, hungrily devours your resources and keeps asking for more and more.

Enlightenment beckons. A wise customer wakes up to the root cause of the suffering..

Some are not as sanguine. They go bananas.

Not all are as scarred or scared. They put on a brave face. But it is only early days?.

Yes, there are many Hercules out there that are going strong. 

The secret to SharePoint success? Super heroic Staff. 

But they sigh: “In this day, you shouldn't have to give an end user a tutorial on how to use a website, app, let alone a social one.” 

For some, it did not simply fly. Just proved to be a pie-in-the-sky

Enough is enough. Some render unto SharePoint the sacred documents that are SP’s and shove the rest into the cloud. 

Sync is not going swimmingly well. Is SharePoint in the cloud really ready for the high-stakes game? 
Customer ode to SharePoint: You make me smile. You make me cry.

Business users particularly don’t feel the love. 

If wishes were horses. SharePoint will enable Business @ the Speed of Thought.

SharePoint soup for the soul. ROI is not built in a day. 

There can be a higher dimension to mundane ROI. Like when SharePoint turns you into a stoic. Here is a corporate Confucius. 

Hear. Hear.  SOS from a SharePoint Sisyphus 

However, Hope springs eternal among SharePoint Survivors.

May this Share-Pain-Point prove a wee bit therapeutic for you. Don't suffer in silence.

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