Recorded Webinar: The Right Way to Select Marketing Technology

The marketing and customer engagement technology world is undergoing major change as enterprises work to align inbound and outbound communication while incorporating cutting-edge tools into their digital stacks. You have more vendor choices than ever, but also face more technical complexity. Increasingly even your major MarTech supplier partners sell overlapping tool-sets with vague promises. What’s the right fit for you?

Based on RSG’s tough, comprehensive vendor evaluation research, this fast-paced recorded webinar will help you clarify your needs and simplify your choices, saving you time and headaches going forward.

View this recorded briefing with RSG Founder Tony Byrne to:

  • Learn key trends that are shaping the marketplace, and how they affect your technology choices
  • Get a critical overview of key market segments
  • Come away with a methodology for making the best buying decisions for your particular circumstances.

Access here.

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