Real Examples of Real Enterprises Using RealScore to Become Really Effective

Since we launched the new RealScore Effectiveness Model tool a few weeks ago, stories of how RSG enterprise subscribers have applied it in their enterprises are starting to roll in. 

Here’s a few examples:

  • A global Consumer Product Goods company had their Digital Workplace tech team fill out the model individually to assess their effectiveness regarding their enterprise collaboration effectiveness.  We provided them with a custom report of all of their responses which were then used to help inform their off-site planning meeting.

  • A large hotel chain had their marketing department and their IT department each conduct the effectiveness assessment.  In addition to identifying areas of future focus, they were also able to address differences in perception around the current effectiveness of their teams and technologies.

  • A manufacturing company gathered their marketing and IT team for a meeting to conduct the assessment as a group.  They were able to gain alignment on their current level of assessment and their ideal short, medium, and long-term effectiveness targets.

  • A media company reported that their business team was surprised to learn that they were not as far behind their industry peers as they thought.

  • An insurance company that is currently in the midst of a new Web Content Management implementation had their team do an assessment of their current state so they could clearly track how their new system would improve their effectiveness once deployed. Being able to prove improvements in their effectiveness will help them justify their investment in new technology.

  • Multiple Big-4 consulting firms and several Systems Integrators are using RealScore to assess clients' current states to determine where they can best provide incremental value going forward.

Remember, you too can get your RealScore for free. Give it a try here.

Subscribers, you’ll get the added benefit of being able to benchmark your scores against your industry peers -- as well as your peers across multiple industries.

Please do let me know what you think of RealScore, and feel free to share how your enterprise has used it to become more digitally effective.


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