Pros and Cons of SharePoint Search 2013

Over the years, Microsoft has taken a variety of different approaches to search. In the SharePoint 2010 era, customers had to make an often confusing and fraught choice among various flavors of SharePoint Search versus the much different FAST offering.

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft simplified its offerings in a single -- mostly new -- platform, albeit throttled depending on your license.

The new search service is not quite the SharePoint Search of old, and not quite FAST, either. We decided to closely investigate the impact of this major change, in a new advisory paper, "SharePoint Search 2013: How It Differs and what that Means for You."

Written largely by contributing analyst Shawn Shell, the paper looks at key product and licensing differences, then delves more deeply into technical and functional changes, including:

  • User Experience
  • Index Enrichment
  • Customization & Tuning
  • Enterprise-Wide Search
  • Scalability
  • Cloud
  • Administration

A concluding section offers practical advice for current or future SharePoint licensees.

The advisory paper is available for immediate download to our SharePoint and ECM stream subscribers. Others may purchase the paper separately.

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