Open Text clarifies plans for RedDot CMS

After acquiring Hummingbird (and therefore Web CMS vendor RedDot), Open Text found itself inconveniently in possession of multiple document management and web content management systems. Yesterday the company clarified its roadmap somewhat at least as far as RedDot is concerned. As you would expect, RedDot will continue to develop as a freestanding product, although Open Text plans to integrate the CMS with its core LiveLink document repository. This may take more than a few months, although it's the 2nd time around for RedDot, who previously invested in connectors to the Hummingbird repository. Open Text also promises to incorporate some of its noted collaboration facilities into RedDot. More ominously, Open Text talks about linking RedDot to "the backend server capabilities of Livelink ECM - Web Content Management Server," one of the company's incumbent Web CMS tools. Open Text doesn't have a good track record here. To be sure, as a RedDot customer I would not be sweating, but the longterm risk here is that Open Text -- like most ECM vendors -- has scant institutional expertise around the needs of web publishers.

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