Is Omniture the Borg?

Is Omniture the Borg?

That's what I wondered when reading about their purchase of Visual Sciences. The company has now acquired four competitors since January, including Instadia, a large Swedish web analytics firm.

The question that comes to mind is how can the company actually integrate all of these technologies successfully. As we've written in the Web Analytics Report, Omniture already faces some serious support issues associated with its growth.

If Omniture manages this acquisition well, they might actually help mitigate their support issues for the long term because they'll acquire a significant number of tech support and professional services folks who already understand web analytics. True, these resources may have their hands full migrating HBX customers to SiteCatalyst, but in a few years, Omniture could potentially boast a capable and staffed-up support team.

In the meantime, however, both Visual Sciences and Omniture customers should buckle up for what may be a rough ride.

For more on what the acquisition means for the HBX and Visual Site offerings, see my post on Web Analytics Management.

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