An Omnichannel Technology Reference Model for the Museums, Libraries, and Corporate Archives of the Future

I often tout the fact that over the last couple decades Real Story Group has had the privilege of working with sixteen of the Fortune 20, but we've been lucky to work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Some of my favorite projects personally have centered on helping cultural heritage organizations — like museums, libraries, and corporate archives — create strategic roadmaps and select technology.

Like their counterparts in large corporations, the end goal for those working in the cultural heritage space is the same: create consistent on-brand experiences at every constituent touchpoint.

All cultural heritage organizations have been on a journey to create digital experiences that are truly worthy of their physical collections. For many, the COVID pandemic has forced an acceleration of digital roadmaps.

For these organizations, RSG has adapted our general omnichannel technology reference model, to encapsulate technology trends that we’ve seen successful in cultural heritage organizations. You can download a free white paper here for more details.

An omnichannel technology stack reference model for cultural heritage organizations

Hopefully this white paper will help facilitate conversations within your organization. And, as always, if you need some help on your omnichannel journey, feel free to contact us.

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