No BS Guide to the CDP Marketplace

It will come as no surprise that the CDP marketplace has gotten very hot over the past year and as a full of hype. 

Vendors are starting to make very expansive claims about capabilities and use cases at a time when large enterprises in particular should be getting clearer about the specific role of unified customer data in their overall stacks. 

Join RSG Founder Tony Byrne for a fast-paced, No Bullshit Guide to the CDP Marketplace (🔒 login required), along with pitfalls you should avoid to make sure you find the right CDP fit for your particular needs.

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No BS CDP Marketplace

We invite all of RSG's DAM stream subscribers to join us:

Date: Wednesday May 6, 2020 
Time: 1:00-1:30 PM EST (17:00-17:30 UTC)

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