New Enterprise Mobile Platform evaluations of IBM, Oracle, Kony, Antenna, SAP, Adobe, and others

Today RSG released a new Enterprise Mobile Platforms Report, which takes a hard look at the technology that supports the creation and delivery of mobile experiences for your customers or employees.

Version 1.0 of this research critically evaluates 21 major vendors, including IBM, Adobe, Antenna, Kony, Motorola, SAP, Appcelerator, Netbiscuits, Oracle, and others.

Key themes from this 205-page report include:

  • Mobile experience management is becoming a primary driver for enterprise investment in employee (B2E) mobility solutions
  • Application security -- not just device security -- has become a critical enterprise concern
  • Enterprises are increasingly in-sourcing business-to-consumer (B2C) mobile development and delivery capabilities
  • Vendors are responding by developing portal-like middleware to support mobile experiences after initial deployment 
  • The gulf between mobile web vs. native apps remains; thus, enterprises often need to support both approaches 
  • No single vendor excels at both B2C and B2E use cases, so large enterprises may need to consider multiple platforms
  • The enterprise mobile platform marketplace remains highly fragmented and immature

If you have pre-ordered a subscription to this stream, simply log in now to access all the evaluations in full or parts.

If you're not an RSG customer, you can download a complimentary excerpt. As always, we welcome your feedback.

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