New DAM vendor evaluation: FotoWare

With the imminent release of Fotoweb and Fotostation 8.0, we see a marked change in strategy from Norwegian DAM vendor Fotoware, moving beyond a traditional image management focus to expand their publishing workflows. A new user interface, video transcoding engine, and more fully-featured APIs are now part of the package. We weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of FotoWare’s new approach as they eye a larger DAM market share. 

The challenges ahead for current and potential FotoWare customers are many, not least of which is running a thick client and web portal simultaneously (similar challenges are reported to us by the customers of WAVE and NetXposure). With a large reseller network (similar to Woodwing’s model), FotoWare’s success will largely depend on how quickly they can communicate and scale with you, the once-removed potential buyer.  We invite you to have a look at how FotoWare stacks up against other image management and publishing-oriented vendors

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