New and updated social software evaluations - Cisco WebEx Social, tibbr, ThoughtFarmer and Traction

We've just released an update to our Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Evaluations. With the addition of Cisco WebEx Social, this stream now evaluates 25 of the key collaboration/social vendors. You'll also find updated reviews of tibbr, ThoughtFarmer, and Traction.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Cisco WebEx Social (previously called Quad) is part of the company’s broader collaboration applications offerings, alongside web conferencing tool, WebEx Meetings, and instant messaging software, Jabber. The potential of adding social networking features to unified communications is interesting, but WebEx Social is still trying to make a decent case for enterprise customers.

tibbr, from integration software vendor TIBCO, is turning out to be a product to watch in this space. With a broad range of features (particularly for enterprise networking use cases), tibbr is perhaps one of the few products that tries to appeal to both business users as well as IT teams.  It's just not cheap or simple. 

Canadian vendor ThoughtFarmer offers a no-frills “social intranet in a box”, targeted at small and medium size businesses.

Traction Software’s TeamPage is very different from the rest of the products we evaluate. It’s a bit like being in the “The Matrix," amalgamating many different things and best thought of as a platform to build custom collaboration applications around interconnected pieces of information. It’s the smallest vendor we cover but the chapter is one of the longer ones...

Subscribers can download the full evaluations here. Or you can obtain a complimentary excerpt here.

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