MarTech Leaders - Are you ready to be effective in 2017?

As 2016 draws to a close, we see digital leaders updating strategies and firming up business plans for next year. A crucial piece of any such exercise is calibrating your current state and identifying any course corrections based on your company's future goals. Technology effectiveness plays an important role in executing any strategy and many enterprises increasingly undertake benchmarking projects.

To be sure, you can find a variety of benchmarking models based on industry/geography, but in practice we see many benchmarking initiatives suffer from a few limitations. Chief among the concerns is that models tend to be one-size-fit-all, without considering your unique situation or needs. So, you could benchmark in good faith but end up with results that may not prove highly relevant to your business.

Also, benchmarking models may overemphasize measurement of outcomes or end results. In such a case, your report card has the grades but you don't necessarily have a roadmap for improvement or course correction.

In Greek mythology, Procrustes tied his victims to an iron bed and barbarically force fitted them to its length - with tragic consequences. Similarly, is your benchmarking model trying to shoehorn you without any flexibility?

Procrustean Bed of Benchmarking

Figure 1: The Greek myth of Procrustes. Are you encumbered by your benchmarking framework?

To get beyond these traditional limitations and help you chart a custom roadmap, RSG has developed the RealScore framework for guaging effectiveness across different digital marketing and digital workplace technology streams. In this post, I want to call your attention to the Campaign & Lead Management effectiveness framework. 

Benchmarking Campaign & Lead Management

This model identifies twelve foundational building blocks of success, categorized into four buckets

  • Expertise in digital marketing techniques, tools and data
  • Scope of application across channels, segments and organization
  • Processes of governance, collaboration, and optimization
  • Systems capabilities around platforms, content and integration

MarTech Effectiveness Framework

Figure 2: RSG RealScore Effectiveness Framework for MarTech Campaign and Lead Management

Many of your peers have found the RealScore approach to be better, useful, and customized to their needs. 

With the RealScore diagnostic, your can better prioritize and choose to invest in areas which provide the maximum bang for the buck. Give it a try.

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