Managing Work-in-Progress Digital Assets

We're often asked by our subscribers about "the world in front of DAM" -- how to manage the creation and tracking of assets long before they're done.

Although DAM technologies help us tell brand stories, what we call a DAM system has historically only managed finished or completed assets. To fulfill the need to manage the creation of digital assets and the creative process, a separate market of technologies has emerged.

In an Advisory Paper we've released today for RSG's DAM stream subscribers, we define the enterprise discipline of Creative Operations Management (“COM”), and give an overview of the Work-in-Progress (“WIP”) technologies that support the creative process.

A WIP system -- be it part of a DAM, MRM, or a standalone tool -- facilitates a creative operations management strategy and practice via configurable workflows, digital markup, and discussions / commenting. In some cases, you'll also find lightweight project management features, such as resource planning and tasks lists / assignments. Some DAM vendors have built these features into their core DAM technology, while others have partnered with firms to provide the features separately.

If you need to manage your creative operations or track work-in-progress assets more efficiently, this paper provides insights to help you determine the best approach for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

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