Join Our Town Hall Debate on Enterprise Social

I see a lot of enthusiasm around enterprise social-collaboration.  But underneath the many case studies also lies confusion and sometimes consternation about ongoing challenges and missed expectations.  Digital workplace leaders are looking for best practices and answers to some very practical questions.

The Debaters: Dion Hinchcliffe and Tony Byrne

To try to answer some of those questions, please join me and Dion Hinchcliffe for a live, town hall-style debate on Wednesday, 14 September, at 5pm GMT / 12 noon ET.

Register here.

Among the topics we're likely to tackle:

  • Is email bad or good?
  • What's the real future of SharePoint?
  • Where can you find the secrets to employee adoption?
  • How do you obtain executive leadership?

But we know you have the most important questions. You'll be able to feed them in real-time, but if you have a question or conundrum you'd like to address, hit us up on social media using the #EntSocTownHall tag.

Or you can contact Dion or Tony directly with suggestions and ideas. Look forward to seeing you then!

Register now.

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