Jive software checks off the gamification box, again

Recently, Jive software announced the release of Jive Gamification, an add-on to its enterprise social networking platform. Jive is OEMing the module from a vendor called Bunchball that specializes in gamification software. Jive's version is an extension of "Nitro," Bunchball's software platform for such things.

To date, the native gamification functionality in Jive (even in the latest version 5.0) was very limited, with basic functionality you would expect in such tools going missing.

The Bunchball add-on is meant to plug such gaps, ideally increasing adoption and engagement of the social network. Users can be awarded points for different actions (e.g., comment on documents, write a blog, answer questions) they perform in the Jive-Bunchball powered social networks, with points getting tallied in different ways (leader boards, status levels).  In theory this is supposed to spur collaboration.

In our evaluation of Jive software in the Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software research stream, we note that Jive is known to OEM third party modules in its platform at a fast pace and swap them out at an even faster pace. Jive is sticking to the script. Much before the current announcement and as early as October 2011, a similar app "Nitro for Jive" had been available. Details and documentation are still scarce, but the new, new module seems to be the next version of the older app.

The jury may still be out on gamification and its merits, but enterprises looking to experiment should note that this is an optional module that costs extra license fees and most likely some custom development to work it into your applications.

It's also worth mentioning that similar Bunchball modules to gamify your social network are available for IBM Connections and Salesforce Chatter as well.

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