Introducing Executive Summary PowerPoint Decks

A key request from our subscribers recently has been to help them easily create presentations from the Real Story Group research in order present the findings to their colleagues.

So, today, we're announcing a new way for you to consume your RSG research.  In each of our eight research streams, we've created an Executive Summary PowerPoint deck, updated with each research update.

In each deck you'll find:

- Business case rationale

- Technology services, business scenarios, and intangible ratings in the form of comparison charts

- Vendor snapshots by marketplace tiers and categories

- Pitfalls to avoid

- Insight into an ideal technology selection process

We continue to tailor our vast library of research so that it can be consumed in the most useful way for you.  Stay tuned for more announcements in the next few months as we're working on a couple of new exciting ways to interact with the research like never before.

Subscribers, you can download your new Executive Summary PowerPoint decks here:

Enterprise Collaboration Executive Summary

Digital & Media Asset Management Executive Summary

ECM & Cloud File Sharing Executive Summary

Portals & Content Integration Executive Summary

Web Content & Experience Management Executive Summary

Marketing Automation & Social Technology Executive Summary

Enterprise Mobile Technology Executive Summary

Evaluating SharePoint Executive Summary

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research is worth every penny!"

Gil, Partner, Cancentric Solutions Inc.
iStudio Canada Inc.

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