How Did Our Predictions Fare in 2012?

Every year we make predictions about the coming annum, and every year, we go back and see how our predictions actually fared. See, for example, our assessment of our 2011 predictions.

Below I'll evaluate how our 2012 predictions (from December, 2011) held up:

  1. Big data meets web marketing
    Oh yes: Big Data is all the rage among the digital marketing crowd. Practical understanding? That's another matter...

  2. Enterprise search marketplace opens up...again
    We'd say yes, with the implosion of Autonomy and the virtual exit of Microsoft FAST, but it remains a very small marketplace.

  3. Social services get called on the carpet in SharePoint
    Absolutely yes. That's why Microsoft bought Yammer.

  4. CRM and CMS on a collision course
    Yes. Some Web CMS vendors are competing. Some are cooperating. You should place your bets with the cooperaters.

  5. Death of the intranet as we know it
    Perhaps an overstatement, but the phenomenon is real. Vive le Digital Workplace!

  6. BPM springs back to life
    Kind of hard to tell. BPM never died, that's for sure. Keeps coming up in conversations with our subscribers.

  7. Rich media goes mainstream in the enterprise
    Definitely happened. What are you doing about it?

  8. Big data blows into the cloud
    Yep. An unholy alliance between two overhyped buzzwords or a natural marriage of two inevitably intertwined concepts? More the former, but the latter can't be discounted.

  9. Pervasive mobile-only apps
    Absolutely. Mobile development agencies are totally backlogged. But are we creating real value here? Hint: Facebook was wrong about HTML5...

  10. New job titles emerge
    We saw a lot of this. And it's A Good Thing.

  11. Security fears rise: phones, tablets, portable drives, the cloud -- where is our content?
    Not so much. Confession: we predicted this again for 2013.

  12. Lines blur between commercial and open source technologies
    Absolutely. Alfresco and Drupal are hiring scores of professionals on the premise (promise?) of a lucrative IPO.

So, by my count, we made ten out of twelve, or about 83%. Somewhat higher than in the past, but hey, there's an element of luck in all predictions.

Let us know if we can help you plan for 2013.

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