EPiServer 5 is now ready

After a long series of delays, Swedish Web CMS vendor EPiServer finally released version 5.0 of EPiServer CMS last week. A major reason for the delay is that EPiServer raised their ambitions during the process. Version 5 has massive changes for developers as it is based on .NET 3. There's also a complete new workflow based on the new Windows Workflow Foundation. Interestingly the release comes only shortly after the founder sold a majority of the company, and new owners came in with a new CEO. Despite the curious timing, according to EPiServer a few new customers are already live with EPiServer 5. With the major changes make sure you get competent resources on your project, ideally somebody who's already worked with Version 5.

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research is worth every penny!"

Gil, Partner, Cancentric Solutions Inc.
iStudio Canada Inc.

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