Enterprise Social: Is Adoption Everything?

Earlier this week at CMSWire's DWX conference Dion Hinchcliffe renewed the debate on enterprise social platform adoption, urging us all to focus more on quality rather than quantity.  It was kind of a reprise of a debate we had on the topic awhile back, which I share here below.

Since we had to take sides, Dion argued for pro and I tried to make the case for con. Dion made a passionate case for engaging your fellow employees and getting a better return on investment. He also pointed out that you need participation at scale for network effects.

I argued that we focus on adoption mostly because it's one of the few things we can accurately measure, not necessarily because it reflects business value.

Watch below and decide for yourself which side is right...

Would you like to see the entire Town Hall? Feel free to watch it on-demand here.



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