Don't Leave Money on the Table

Does your enterprise fiscal year close at the end of September or December? What do you do with the euros left in the budget that went unspent?  Perhaps you can roll them over; perhaps not. Experience teaches many of you feel rushed to spend resources on low-quality projects.  Instead I'll encourage you to allocate remaining funds to benefit you immediately and well into the New Year.

MarTech professionals are increasingly getting asked to do more. That can make the end of your fiscal year an excellent time to help you become more prepared. Investing in your 2020 strategy now relies on solid groundwork, and research can play a key role here: trusted strategic frameworks, independent vendor advice, and fresh insights that can guide faster decision-making.

RSG's Research Can Save You Time and Trouble

Getting your hands on relevant research and advice can be faster and less expensive than you think. Discover a new vendor, source new insights, and absorb new learning resources — like market analyses, survey findings, and advisory papers that will benefit your team and your organization.

At a time when half of all technology projects fail, RSG can help you make the right decisions during the key, early stages of your investments. Since 2001, more than 4000 organizations around the world have used our research and advice to improve their business. We invite you to join them.

Research Money

You Might Already Subscribe to and Not Know it...

Does your employer already subscribe to RSG's research and advisory services? Maybe... I can't share our subscriber list here, but if you work for a large enterprise in particular, there's a chance you may already be eligible for a seat. (You can see some examples of current and past subscribers here.)

Next Steps

To be sure, you can check with whoever handles IT research for your organization. Or if you want a really quick answer, just send us a note and we can let you know. RSG's hard-hitting vendor evaluations provide the real story about when a particular solution might match your needs or where they may fall short. 

Planting your seeds for the next decase based on real research is a sure way to mitigate risk and start the New Year with access to architectural reference models, vendor evaluations, decision tools, and advice.


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