Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Map - 2015

We've just released the latest version of our tube/subway map of digital workplace and marketing technology technologies.

subway map small

What's Changed, What Hasn't

Some long-term trends persist. Most notably for you the customer: a plethora of point solutions await in "the periphery." The lesson here is, while center cities are fun and exciting, sometimes the suburbs represent a better fit.

This map also captures some deeper trends. The Microsoft station has gotten scaled back a bit -- mostly on the digital marketing side, by dint of Redmond eschewing most digital marketing needs, media management, and mobile middleware. The map also tracks the growing importance of players like Adobe and Salesforce.

As always, the number of "stations" for any given vendor is not at all indicative of their quality or weight in the marketplace. This is just a visual of what vendors purport to sell. For detailed evaluations of the pros and cons of each solution, consult our stream-by-stream reviews.

Finding Your Way

You can also download higher-rez versions of this map. People frequently tell us they keep it close at hand as a reference. Let us know if we can help you find your way across this landscape.

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