Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Madness!

As technology advisors, every day can feel like Selection Sunday when working with our subscribers.  For most enterprises, selecting technology can be like picking a winner of the USA NCAA Basketball Tournament:

  • Lots of guessing
  • Favoritism to the teams/vendors you know
  • Limited research
  • A mix of predictability and surprises
  • Untold amounts of money changing hands
  • Madness...

At the Real Story Group, we have helped thousands of enterprises across the world make this process a lot less maddening. Our vendor evaluation reports and interactive online tools help you get to an appropriate short-list – an Elite Eight or Final Four, so to speak. We specialize in winnowing down your choices from an entire marketplace to the vendors and products that could best fit for your needs.

Fill in Your Bracket

Thus, we are once again providing you with a Digital Marketing Technology Bracket and a Digital Workplace Technology Bracket to help you get started in your quest to "cut down the nets" with a successful technology solution.

 Digital Workplace Bracket

You can download your own full-size Digital Workplace Technology Bracket here.


Digital Marketing Bracket

You can download your own full-size Digital Marketing Technology Bracket here.

Some Disclaimers

There's no such thing as a "best" software vendor. Thus, these depictions of the Digital Workplace and Digital Marketing technology landscapes are not indicative of any seedings; rather it is a simple grouping of some of the more significant content technology vendors that we cover. The vendors chosen were done so randomly since we actually cover more than 150 products from 127 vendors (you can see the full list here.) 

Good luck! And if you need help finding the right Digital Marketing or Digital Workplace technology for your enterprise, contact us and we'll help you pick a winner.


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