Deelpunt, by Any Other Name...

Deelpunt?  Crudely, that's Dutch for SharePoint. Actually, "SharePoint" doesn't translate very well into other languages, which is really apt when you think about it since as technology, it's really in a segment all by itself.

For better or worse -- I think mostly worse -- there's no other platform in the world that does the breadth of what SharePoint does. The enormous gravitational effect that SharePoint exerts on enterprise digital workplaces cannot be underestimated. However, new stars are aligning, so it's time to take a new perspective on the role of SharePoint going forward.

Join Us in Utrecht

I'll be offering some new perspectives at the Congres SharePoint in Utrecht, NL on 22 September, during a keynote entitled "SharePoint and the Future of Your Digital Workplace." Those who live in that part of the world: it's not too late to register.

If your firm is an RSG subscriber and you'd like to catch up in person that week in Holland, drop me a line.

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