DAM Scenario 3: Advertising and Marketing Asset Management

The next three use cases in RSG's newly-updated roster of vendor evaluation criteria are all related to Marketing Asset Management.

Whether you're looking for a DAM system to function as a single source of marketing assets or you're ready to position DAM as the prime content engine underneath your marketing technology stack, you may need an unusually wide range of capabilities to address these challenges.

DAM Scenario #3 is "Advertising & Marketing Asset Management."

Advertising and Marketing Asset Management

Many enterprises use DAM as the authoritative source for marketing and brand content. It becomes the single source of this material for direct distribution to internal and external stakeholders, either directly as DAM system users, or indirectly through a portal, website, or other distribution application.

Marketing groups commonly create and assemble marketing collateral in conjunction with internal or external design or creative groups. Ad agencies and design groups often create print advertising as part of a marketing campaign. The core of this effort is the creative workflow, which includes creating or accessing assets to incorporate into a new design or layout document and iteratively reviewing the process with the client.

This workflow may require multiple variations of the ad, each representing a different idea, or presenting the same idea with a different theme. It may require access to stock photos, stock video, and specific images, as well as to textual copy, brand imagery, and logos. You must manage all of these assets and versions of the ad.

This effort may require creating multiple pieces of marketing collateral simultaneously or in parallel, and there may be significant shared copy and assets between the pieces. You need to track the status and maintain the relationships between related assets, as well as gain access to stock photos and specific images.

 Advertising and Marketing Asset Management

Typical adopters:

  • Corporate communications
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing organizations
  • Internal services groups
  • Ad agencies
  • Corporate marketing
  • Marketing departments
  • Individual brands within large multi-brand company

Is Advertising and Marketing Asset Management one of your scenarios?

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