CMS vendor Synkron is bought by local competitor

In news from the Nordic market, Danish CMS vendor Dynamicweb has bought all shares of local competitor Synkron. Except for a press release in Danish, few details are out on the sale. It seems like Synkron CEO will lead the new organization and both brands and product lines will be kept. While Dynamicweb has focused on simple scenarios, Synkron has tried to tackle the more complex ones and has worked to line up resellers across Europe. The press release talks about the beginning of market consolidation, something that vendors and press alike has predicted for years and we have still not seen. The joint company will have about 80 employees and less than $9 million revenue, still comparatively smaller than regional competitor EPiServer. Integrating local fierce competitors and still maintaining multiple brands and product lines is an ambitious project. Local buyers may want to evaluate their options carefully until more details are available. Microsoft's new edition of SharePoint was perhaps looming in the background of this deal, but buyers should remain patient and not rush to Redmond on the strength of one merger...

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