Checklist: Ten Habits of Successful Community Managers

The rise of Enterprise Social Network (ESN) technology has seen uneven results in actual implementations, with some customers reporting tangible business benefits while others struggle to obtain sufficient adoption. Fortunately, there is a growing consensus that effective community management can prove critical to obtaining business value from ESN tools.

Yet enterprises frequently struggle to determine just what skills are required for the community manager role. Digital workplace leaders looking to source community management skills ask questions like:

  • “Can we repurpose some internal communicators from Corporate Affairs?”
  • “Should we assign our existing KM team?”
  • “Should we make it a part- time role in each department?”

Rather than considering institutional backgrounds, I encourage you take a skills- and experience-based approach.

Based on RSG research, there are ten key attributes as you staff up and develop your cadre of community managers.  We've assembled and explained this list in a RealScore CheckList briefing.  If your organization subscribes to our RealScore benchmarking service for Enterprise Social Collaboration, you can download the checklist right away.

If you have not yet assessed your social-collaboration technology effectiveness, try out RealScore and see how your enterprise stacks up against peers.


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