Beyond Cookiepocalypse

"We got a stay of execution," I heard one digital marketer exclaim upon hearing the news that Google was delaying third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome.  For enterprises who engage in a lot of programmatic ad buying, there's some truth to that.

Still, it's a mistake to view what's happening through the lens of one browser / ad network and one cookie type.  There's a confluence of factors arising around consumer privacy that we all need to address. 

But how to address? And what steps first? That's where RSG can help.  We just published a framework for confronting what RSG labels, "the new world for consumer data." 

Read more about it in today's press release.

RSG- New World for Consumer Data Framework Chart
New World for Consumer Data - Reference Framework Overview. Click to enlarge. Source: RSG

The complete framework contains handy charts and rankings for helping you figure out which actions address which specific challenges in this new world of privacy.

Current subscribers to RSG's CDP research stream and participants in our MarTech Leadership Council can download it here.  Not a subscriber?  Reach out to us for options.

I know several of you are deploying some of the framework's charts and findings internally for conversations with peers and execs. Great! Let's keep helping each other out.

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