Adapting Your Content Management Platform for Mobile Delivery

One of our predictions for this year was about the rise of mobile as a delivery channel -- much more closely integrated with your content technologies. Most vendors provide some sort of mechanism for delivering content to mobile channels, and most of them will tell you they support mobile delivery. However, like all other features, the devil lies in the details. The extent to which these vendors support mobile delivery varies drastically in depth and kind.

In our recently released advisory paper, we explain the key considerations when delivering content and services to mobile visitors. Based on these considerations, we've also proposed three broad alternative approaches, depending on how finely-grained targeting your require.

Here's the table of contents of the advisory paper Adapting Your Content Management Platform for Mobile Delivery:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Introduction
  • Key Considerations
    • Adapting Your Publishing Model: Pages vs. Components
    • Adapting for Device-Specific Capabilities and Limitations
    • Adapting Your Content to a Specific Device
    • Adapting Your Templates for Mobile
    • Adapting to Place, with Location-Based Services (LBS)
    • Adapting Your Services
    • Adapting Your Media Assets with Proper Formats
    • Content Aggregation
    • Adapting Your Content Production for Mobile Contributors
    • Setting Policies
  • Conclusion

The advisory briefing is available to subscribers of our Web CMS, Collaboration & Community, Portals, and Web Analytics streams.

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