Looking beyond North America for your ECM vendor

  • 10-May-2007

It's not surprising that enterprises around the world typically first consider major North American vendors like EMC, IBM, and Open Text for their ECM needs, considering the millions those companies pour into marketing efforts. But buyers should look beyond the marketing, as many regional vendors may well have good technology solutions, deep local support and also a deep understanding of your particular needs. As we explore in the ECM Suites Report, the global market in ECM is vibrant and growing. Add to this the turbulence at the high end of the market (particularly among VAR networks) and regional vendors like EVER & Nuxeo in France, NewGen in Asia and Saperion in Germany all become viable vendors in their chosen locales. The strength of, and innovation from, these regional vendors is only likely to improve over the coming years. So I advise ECM buyers is to consider local suppliers. Here's the longer story.

Our customers say...

"The Real Story Group celebrates its 'vendor neutrality'. But it's not a neutrality that avoids taking positions. Far from it, their opinions are clearly stated, always well informed, and invariably fair."

Patricia Connelly, CEO at Henry Stewart Conferences and Events

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