SDL acquires Tridion

  • 24-Apr-2007

Globalization management vendor SDL will acquire Web CMS vendor Tridion. Tridion has found a niche of sorts in global web publishing operations, but as Web CMS Report readers know, Tridion customers have been frustrated by the product's lack of native connectors to globalization management systems, making localization a more manual process than they'd like. I suspect the acquisition will help Tridion become more stable and better funded. Whether it helps Tridion's existing customers is another question. Many of them already use products from SDL competitors. Also, in North America, Tridion's emerging customer base seems more interested in generic multi-site management rather than globalization. Merger-mania frequently begets optimistic talk about "synergies" and "cross-selling," but at the end of the day, savvy technology buyers always evaluate products on their own merits.