Introducing portals to content managers

  • 18-Apr-2007

Although the hype around enterprise portals seems to have subsided, I believe genuine interest remains high. Yesterday at the annual AIIM Expo, we held an "Enterprise Portal Smackdown," where a packed room of document and records managers keenly watched 7-minute demos presented by different consultancies (Ironworks, Molecular, and Liferay) demonstrating, respectively: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Liferay Portal. Here's a very brief summary of the demos:

  • Liferay: "We're cool"
  • Molecular/IBM: "Beware...portals are complicated"
  • IronWorks/BEA: "E-business dashboards rock"


More enterprises are recognizing use-cases for accessing content repositories and services from other applications. Obviously, portal platforms represent one option here, although panelists discussing "convergence" the day before seemed a bit more sanguine about enterprise search in this regard. On the whole, I think web and enterprise content management specialists underestimate both the power and perils of enterprise portal software.

Our customers say...

"Portals are where 'synergy' stops being a buzz word and becomes a tangible business benefit. If you're considering portal software, you can't afford to miss this comprehensive market review. And if you've already started a project, the common-sense advice contained in this outstanding research could save you thousands of dollars -- and hours."

Eric L. Reiss, Author of "Practical Information Architecture"

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