A new report on Content Component Management

  • 20-Feb-2007

Today we announced an alliance with The Rockley Group to publish a report evaluating "Content Component Management" tools and practices. From today's release:

Significant vendors in the Content Component Management space include: Astoria, AuthorIT, DocZone, PTC, SiberLogic, Trisoft, Vasont, XHive, XyEnterprise, Percussion, Tridion, Documentum, and Interwoven. The report will also evaluate major structured authoring tools, including JustSystems XMetaL, PTC Arbortext Editor, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and In.Vision Xpress Author.


I'm very excited because our customers frequently ask us about this space, and it seems to remain under-covered in the media/analyst community.

Our customers say...

"This excellent research has saved weeks of work reviewing the marketplace to enable a tender to be sent out to just a handful of potential vendors in record time. Well done."

Martin Beake, ITT Consultant, 2Sys Limited, Malmesbury, UK

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