IBM upgrades Workplace WCM

  • 24-Sep-2006

It's still branded "Workplace," but the new version 6.0 of IBM's "WWCM" is even more tightly linked to WebSphere Portal. That's actually a Good Thing for licensees who have made a strong commitment to IBM's portal product: content managers can now set personalization configs and edit content in-context without switching back and forth between interfaces. But as CMS Report buyers know, IBM does not seem to have invested as much R&D in WWCM as some pure-play CMS competitors, and the product's usability still strikes us as a bit lagging. IBM and its customers face some strategic choices here after the FileNet acquisition, but I suspect that for Big Blue, WWCM will remain a keeper.

Our customers say...

"This research is an excellent review of the DAM technology marketplace. For anyone considering a DAM deployment or taking the next steps to build on an existing system, RSG's Digital Asset Management Research is an essential reference. Whatever your background or role in your particular project, you will find the information and answers that you are looking for."

John Gaylor, Head of Product Marketing, Gorkana Group

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